Post-Hardcore legends Underoath show Milwaukee why they are some of the rulers of the genre (Show Review)

Underoath / Periphery / Loathe

The Rave

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

March 11th, 2023

By Bryan McCabe


Every genre has a few bands that are seen as the definition of a particular sound. The pioneers that laid the groundwork for young bands for years to come. In the post-hardcore world, one of those bands is Underoath. You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t recognize their influence in this scene. When I saw that Underoath was coming to Milwaukee with Periphery and Loathe, I knew that this was a show that I could not miss. 

Loathe started the show off with a bang, leaning heavily on their album I Let It In and It Took Everything that showcased their dynamic sound. Their blend of heavy riffs, ethereal melodies, and electronic elements had the crowd headbanging and singing along. The band’s stage presence was impressive, with the members constantly moving and engaging with the audience. They set the bar high for the rest of the night.

Next up was Periphery, who wasted no time getting the crowd pumped up with their signature blend of progressive metal and djent. The band’s technical proficiency was on full display, with intricate guitar riffs and complex drumming that left the audience in awe. Vocalist Spencer Sotelo’s soaring vocals added an extra layer of intensity to the already explosive performance. The band’s chemistry was undeniable, and they kept the energy up from start to finish. While they “only” played 5 songs, it was a solid mix of songs that showcased their entire career. 

Finally, it was time for the headliners, Underoath, to take the stage. The show began with a haunting intro that set the tone for the evening’s performance. From the first note of their opening song, “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door,” the energy in the room was electric. The band’s signature blend of heavy guitar riffs, vocalist Spencer Chamberlain’s haunting screams and Aaron Gillespie’s impeccable drumming had the crowd on their feet, singing and moshing along to every song. Fans are typically the most excited people in the building at a concert, but on this night it felt like the members of Underoath were just as excited to see all of their fans. They repeatedly expressed their gratitude towards the packed room of adoring fans.

Throughout the show, Underoath showcased their ability to seamlessly transition between intense, heavy tracks and more melodic, introspective pieces. They played a mix of classic songs and new material from their most recent album, Voyeurist, and each song was delivered with passion and intensity. One of the standout moments of the night was the show’s conclusion with the performance of “Writing on the Walls,” a fan-favorite track from the band’s 2006 album, Define the Great Line. The crowd sang along to every word of the song’s catchy chorus as Spencer went out into the crowd, creating a powerful moment of unity and connection between the band and their fans. And then that was it. No theatrics of an encore, just a blistering 15 song set that left the most diehard of Underoath fans thoroughly satisfied. 


Photo Gallery : Periphery – The Rave (03.11.2023)


Photo Gallery : Underoath – The Rave (03.11.2023)


Photo Gallery : Loathe – The Rave (03.11.2023)

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