September 23, 2021

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Post-hardcore band Patient Sixty-Seven to release two re-recorded songs off their debut EP

In celebration of the band’s very first EP from 2015, Australia post-hardcore band Patient Sixty-Seven are preparing to release re-recorded versions of two of the songs off the band’s debut EP. Though the band have gone from strength to strength in terms of finding their sound (and a growing fanbase, too) as of late, it’s clear the band also haven’t forgotten their roots. Oh, and this isn’t the only news surrounding the band that you might want to pay attention to.

What’s more, the band is celebrating the re-recordings by putting together a contest. If you want to win a whole bunch of Patient Sixty-Seven merch (you should, the prizes are great), you’ll want to enter that contest here. A signed cymbal and even some mystery items? Here for it.

You can also stream the band’s new re-recorded song, “Gustavo Bling”, below.

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