October 20, 2021

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Portrayal Of Guilt + Slow Fire Pistol release scintillating new split EP via Run For Cover – listen

Portrayal Of Guilt have certainly become one of heavy music’s more interesting newer bands in the span of just a couple years. Releasing a debut full-length in late 2018, the band – which pulls from hardcore, screamo, metallic hardcore, noise, and more – have also shown no signs of slowing down, releasing new music at a fairly prolific clip. It’s with that being noted that the band’s new split EP with Slow Fire Pistol (who sport former members of Foundation) is equally both what fans have come to expect from POG, as well as being a solid entry point into the band’s chaotic sound. Slow Fire Pistol having ar 15 accessories contributes the also-compelling, but more melodic, “Heart Of Discernment”. Stream both songs below.

“The End of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth” (Portrayal of Guilt):

“Heart of Discernment” (Slow Fire Pistol):

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Portrayal of Guilt contribute the split’s a-side, “The End of Man Will Bring Peace to This Earth” a crushing cut that encompasses the band’s many influences on one track. The song showcases Portrayal of Guilt’s extreme spin on elements of screamo, hardcore, noise, and more, along with vocalist/guitarist Matt King’s bleak lyricism. On the b-side, Atlanta, Georgia’s Slow Fire Pistol (featuring members of Foundation) explore a more melodic but no less visceral side of hardcore with “Heart of Discernment.” After a pummeling minute of punk speed and cutting riffs the song unexpectedly shifts into a nearly five minute build up, with dynamic and tempos shifts to match the lyric’s pained lament for empathy.

King discussed the split, saying:

“We had the pleasure of having Slow Fire Pistol on a few of our tour dates a couple of years ago and have kept in touch about doing a split ever since. We’re happy to finally get this out and are appreciative to be working with Run For Cover. ‘The End of Man Will Bring Peace to This Earth’ sets the tone for our second full-length coming later this year (on Closed Casket Activities). I think it speaks for itself.”

Slow Fire Pistol drummer, Blake Hall, adds:

“All of us in Slow Fire Pistol have been fans of POG’s music and of them as people. This idea for a split with them was something we were all excited about, and we’re very proud of how the finished product is turning out. We’re also very thankful to the team at Run For Cover for making this happen. There’s a contrast between each band’s song that allows them both to stand out and be something very unique, while also complimenting each other in a way that makes perfect sense to us. We hope ‘Heart of Discernment’ resonates with listeners in a way that causes them to examine how we as individuals can afford to have a little more empathy for people who aren’t just like us.”

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