April 22, 2024

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Pop-punk band plays show during pandemic, promptly goes on hiatus after getting ratioed on Twitter

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most bands are (smartly) going the route of livestream experiences to bring some semblance of normalcy to their ardent fanbases. Playing shows to crowds during the pandemic is guaranteed to get bands the attention they don’t want, unless of course they’re as headstrong as Trapt. And for Missouri pop-punk band Hold Close, that came to fruition after the band recently played a holiday show – after being warned by fans that it was not the best of ideas.

The band touted it as a “socially-distanced, temp-checked” event, but after receiving tremendous backlash from fans and industry people alike, Hold Close then proceeded to make a NotesApp apology regarding them playing the show:


First, we would like to apologize as a band for playing a show during a pandemic. With covid cases continuing to rise, we should have not put our own selfish desire to play a show before the health and safety of others. We will not be participating in any events in the future where others will be at risk. We had a mutual desire to assist our local venue in keeping afloat during such a trying time. We allowed that to cloud our judgement and we are incredibly sorry.

Our goal as a band is to always create a safe and open space for people to come together, enjoy music and fully be themselves. We have enjoyed carrying out this goal in the past, and during our time, we have met so many incredible people.

These are the first that we want to apologize to. For those who drove hours to watch us, bought our merch, streamed our music, and supported us for years; we are incredibly sorry. We have let you down, and that alone breaks our hearts. For those who are hearing about us due to our mistake, know that we are taking people’s concerns and thoughts very seriously, and have learned from them. We will not allow ourselves to disappoint you all in the future.

For those who came to last night’s show, we are sorry for being the ones who put you at risk. We highly encourage you all to get tested, socially distance and if possible, quarantine. We will also be doing the same. As a band, we are going to be stepping back and taking a break for a while. We would like to reflect on our actions and thoughts that led us to play a show during such a serious time. We are committed to righting these actions. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We love you all dearly.

Even more of the backlash is coming from fans who warned the band ahead of time that it was a bad move, yet Hold Close chose to perform anyway – possibly putting others at risk of transmission. Interestingly, the band’s tour with Selfish Things earlier this year was postponed, and the band claimed that “everyone’s health and safety is number 1 priority”.


This tweet sums up what most people surrounding the situation are thinking.

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