December 2, 2023

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Piano Buying Tips From The Experts

There are some items that will always be timeless and a sign of class and luxury, and the piano is certainly one of those things. If you have decided to buy a piano, then you are probably very excited about it. However, before you take any major steps you should first make sure that you choose the right instrument. That being said, this isn’t something easy to do as you may get overwhelmed by the many options on the market. There are a few things that you need to consider, so before you head out to the music store, keep reading for tips from the experts about buying the right piano for you.

The Location

The first thing you should consider before making the purchase is where you plan to put it. A piano isn’t something small that you can just squeeze in a corner; you need to make room for it. You can do this by taking the measurements of both the piano and the room space. However, if there isn’t enough room, you should consider opting for a smaller one like a spinet or an upright piano. Moreover, you should also choose the right spot in your house for it. For instance, if you buy an acoustic piano, you shouldn’t place it near a sunny window or a radiator as this exposes the fragile instrument to humidity and high temperatures. Therefore, make sure to place it in a room with a temperature of about 20 celsius.

An Addition to the Decor

There is no denying that a piano can be a great addition to your home’s decor as it adds to its aesthetic. They are usually beautiful and grand, and they add a lot of class to any room. This is why you usually find them placed in living rooms, hotel lobbies, or even royal palaces! There are many options to choose from when it comes to the piano, but if you want something different, then the clear baby grand piano will definitely be the right choice for you. These pianos are transparent with a classic and futuristic design; the simplicity in its design and the fact that it is transparent means that it will match any decor. Moreover, since you won’t find these pianos in many houses, your place will definitely stand out, and you will get many compliments from your guests.

Listen to Its Sound

Just like pianos have different looks, they also have different sounds. Therefore, before buying one, you should play it first in order to decide if you like its sound or not. This is mainly subjective as some players prefer a bright tone while others enjoy more of a mellow sound. You should also focus on the consistency of the sounds and make sure that the volume doesn’t change as you play various notes on different keys. You will also benefit a lot if you speak with an expert or a professional player to give you advice that will guide you with your choice.

Focus on the Keys

You should take a good look at the keys, make sure that they are not damaged or cracked, and have a smooth surface. You should know that playing on the instrument before making a purchase is highly recommended as it allows you to sense if the keys have enough resistance or not. To know that, you should start playing, and if it feels like you are typing on a computer, they definitely don’t have enough resistance. Another factor to keep in mind is, as you strike on the keys, make sure that you feel there is enough cushioning that lessens the shock the keys transmit to your fingers.

The Warranty

Your new piano must come with a warranty. Having a warranty will protect you in case of any manufacturing defects or if you need to replace any parts later on. Most new pianos come with a warranty of 5 years or more, but you should also know that many brands don’t provide warranties to pianos sold at unauthorized retailers, so make sure to buy yours from a trusted place.

Purchasing a piano is a huge step as this is a device that is most likely to stay in your life for a decade or more. Therefore, you should make sure that you choose one that is high-quality and looks good so it can be a great addition to your home’s design. Moreover, you should play on the instrument first before buying it to ensure that it feels good and that the keys and sound are working fine.

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