May 24, 2024

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Photo Review: In This Moment’s “The Witching Hour Tour” – Orlando, FL 1/28/17

Recently our photojournalist Savannah Rowley attended the Orlando date of The Witching Hour Tour, featuring In This Moment, P.O.D, New Year’s Day and DED. The show was packed full of people ready to rock out and enjoy an amazing theatrical and hard-rock filled night.

First to perform was the band DED, originating from Tempe, Arizona. With their single “Anti-Everything” that blew up around this time last year on WJR 101.1 and Sirus XM, lots of people we saw were huge fans of this opening act.


New Year’s Day followed, originating from¬†Anaheim, California. Led by vocalist Ashley Costello, the band played familiar songs such as “Kill or Be Killed” and “I’m About To Break You.” With several Costello look-alike’s in the crowd, and everyone around them all head-banging it was an awesome set for sure.

New Year’s Day:

P.O.D followed, originating from San Diego, California. Hyping the crowd up by up-close interactions and the sing-along performance of “Youth of a Nation,” you could feel the energy escalate through the venue.

Lastly, the band almost everyone had came to see, In This Moment took the stage. While singer Maria Brink admitted to having the flu, she said she wouldn’t let herself being sick affect the show or her performance, and she still killed it.There was moshing, lots of headbanging and lots of praise between the band and their fans.

Overall it was an amazing show with amazing performances, we can’t wait for the next time these bands tour near us! Be sure to catch The Witching Hour Tour which you can purchase tickets for here.






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