December 8, 2023

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Puke Rock Or Die: My Ticket Home @ Backbooth


Nick Giumenti – Bass/Vocals

Earlier this month, we were able to snap some photos of My Ticket Home at Backbooth in Orlando, Florida. They’re essentially a band bringing back the nu-metal revival from the late 90’s, and of all the bands to attempt the style, they’re near the top. The band consists of Nick Giumenti (Bass/Vocals), Derek Blevins (Guitar/Vocals), Marshal Giumenti -(Drums/Vocals) and Matt Gallucci (Guitar/Vocals).

Check out the photo gallery below.

Tragodia, Be That As It May, and Overheat all opened up for My Ticket Home at this event. Overall it was definitely a fun show, and if the event was any indication, it’s that My Ticket Home is definitely a treat to see live.

If you’re interested in connecting with My Ticket Home, please visit the following links below.

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