December 9, 2021

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Pearl of Horus release their skull-crushing new EP ‘Hollow Sun’

Malmö, Sweden is home to one of the most unique sounding and underrated deathcore band I’ve came across in quite awhile and they go by Pearl of Horus. The duo is composed with Alexander Andersson on vocals, and John Picado handling everything else with the band, including mixing and mastering. John has perfectly blended two very different genres in a seamless way. Pearl of Horus has a unique blend of djent in their music that adds a very welcomed layer of ambience and depth to their music. The band surfaced in 2018 with the release of a string of singles that eventually led up to their debut record titled ‘Fractal Dissonance’. Pearl of Horus have since found their styling more and more as each of their releases come out. Pearl of Horus offers punishing and punchy riffs, impacting vocals that are executed very well, and precise percussion. The duo has just released their new EP titled Hollow Sun’ and after a year of half of work, it shows in the best of ways. Each song on the EP holds it’s own creative sound while keeping to the bands core sound, there is even some well placed cleans. Originally the band had a full length written out but erased a lot of it and started over – the result is a EP that was carefully crafted second by second. ‘Hollow Sun’ is a six track EP, one being a well done intro captivating the overall ambient vibe of the group. The other 5 are pure metal done in the style of Pearl of Horus. This band has been gathering steam since their inception, and this EP is the cultivation of years of work and fine tuning an already unique sound. Pearl of Horus is getting more angry with each release, and we’re here for it!

1. Wedjat
2. Hollow Sun
3. Imaginary Friend
4. Invisible Clouds
5. Bleeding in Binary
6. Lida
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