November 29, 2022

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Patient Sixty-Seven continues to impress and refine the metalcore genre

In the ever expanding genre that is metal, and the sub-genre that is metalcore there is a large plethora of unique sounds and takes on the genre. After so many years of evolving metalcore is still changing, arguably for the better and reaching larger masses than we would have ever imagine in the earlier 2010s. Patient Sixty-Seven has spent the last few years gaining large stream numbers, and a dedicated following. Patient Sixty-Seven strives through their passion for their own music, always making the right moves to get their music heard. Patient Sixty-Seven has a good reason to be growing so rapidly as well. The group refines the metalcore formula to their own styling and tastes. Punchy verses, attention catching choruses, and high quality production to tie it all together. Patient Sixty-Seven continues to impress across the genre as they continue to evolve and grow with the times. The dynamic trio has recently just released their latest song titled “Wayfarer”, and it left us pretty impressed by the pacing, and execution of the choruses. Patient Sixty-Seven is currently preparing to release their upcoming album.

Patient Sixty-Seven has been on a roll so far this year, with four strong singles throughout the year that are building up to an eventual album release. We got to chat with vocalist Tom Kiely about the band themselves, and what is yet to come! Patient Sixty-Seven has flagged a full length album is expected in 2022.

What are your future plans for Patient Sixty-Seven?

Tom: Our future plans are really just to keep building on what we’ve been working toward over the past few years. More music, more shows and just growing as a band! We’re really excited by what the future holds and can’t wait to see how 2022 looks!

What is your favorite song that you guys have written?

Tom: It’s such a good question but also really hard to answer! I’d have to say right now of all the songs we have out, it’s Where to from Here. That song will always hold a special place in my heart!

You’ve came a long way since your conception, how has the journey been so far?

Tom: Incredible! We’ve just been loving learning more every step of the way and are just ready for what’s to come next! This has been our first band for myself and Declan, we’ve used every experience as a chance to keep growing.

Tell us some of your most fondest memories as a band?
Tom: Probably our return show in August, that has to be up there. Playing to a sold out room in Perth – after 18 months off. It felt so satisfying, seeing people sing our lyrics back and having such a good time. It reminded us how much we’d missed playing live, and how right it felt being on stage!

What video games do you like to play?

Tom: Definitely a ton of RPG’s, I also love NBA 2K and buy it nearly every year as a big basketball fan!!

Whats the story behind Damage Plan?

Tom: Damage Plan is really about dealing with the toxic thoughts and emotions in your life. Overcoming them, fighting back – and building a better life. It’s about not accepting being beaten down anymore, and working to overcome the things in your life that hold you at their mercy. I loved writing the song, and can’t wait to play it live in the future!

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