November 27, 2021

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Ontario rock band Kill No Albatross release new single, “Apex Predator”

Ontario rock band Kill No Albatross have been in our crosshairs for a while. Having released a debut EP last year, the band is back with much more happening this time around – a date of Warped Tour is one of the bigger events in the band’s world – and Kill No Albatross are gearing up to release a new EP July 13th as well. You can get the first taste of the new EP with brand new single, “Apex Predator”.

Kill No Albatross combines many styles of rock and metal to create something fairly unique, as elements of everyone from Big Wreck and Alter Bridge pop in, but so do Deftones and even Fightstar. If this new track is any indication, it appears Kill No Albatross are branching out in unique directions once again.

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