Of Mice & Men writing “heavier” new record with producer Josh Wilbur (Gojira, Lamb Of God)

It’s been just under a year since metalcore band Of Mice & Men released Defy, their first record without former vocalist Austin Carlile. Not known for taking too long in between album cycles, however, the band is already holed up in the studio with producer Josh Wilbur, who’s produced iconic record for bands like Lamb Of God and Gojira, among others.

“We’re super pumped to be in the studio with Josh, as we’re all big fans of his production and mix discography,” said singer and guitarist Aaron Pauley. “When we decided to go heavier with this album, Josh’s was one of the first names to pop up — and I can tell you, we’re a little over halfway done and it’s sounding huge and heavy, heavenly and absolutely demonic — all rolled into one.”

Perhaps they’ll be playing some of the new material on their early 2019 tour supporting Nothing More? We can only hope. While Defy was a solid enough album, working with a producer like Wilbur could really bring out the heavier sound their early material was known for.

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