September 16, 2021

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Of Mice & Men Announce New Album and New Single, “Pain”

o mice

Recently, Of Mice & Men have been teasing a new album and a new song release. That day has finally come in the form of their new single, “Pain”. The Slipknot influence is real – check out the song and video below.


Here’s some of the lyrics that caught my attention.

Separate skin from the bone
Digging at my flesh
Like a schizophrenic with a blade
Fingers tracing scars
Mapping out reminders of just how much I can take

‘Cold World’ is going to be available everywhere September 9th and you can pre-order it now!

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When I hear ‘Pain’ I think instantly of ‘The Depths’. Even the cover art for ‘Cold World’ reminds me of it too. You can compare both and see a lot of various alike characteristics in both of the videos such as the movements of the actors and their appearance. It seems to be schizophrenic and dark. I definitely believe that this next album is going to be worth listening to – I also hope that it remains to be heavy just as ‘The Flood’ was. No matter what, I know that they’re going to do great regardless of what they produce.

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