Oceans End release video for ‘Diverge Collide’ off debut EP – watch

Oceans End is hard to pin down from a stylistic perspective. A little post-hardcore and hardcore, some pop-punk and metalcore influences, and you have a newer band that’s pretty unique. Oh, and they’re from Florida, so you know they bring the energy.

Anyway, the band recently released their debut EP just last week, and they’re part of a burgeoning Florida local scene that has all kinds of sick bands (including our friends in Illuminate Me). It’s one you’ll want to pay attention to if you’re into bands that play really, really loudly. Also, a new video for their song “Diverge Collide”, which has a deeper meaning than it might seem at first listen…

As our friends at IDIOTEQ note,

The band says it’s about the singer’s dealings with being neurodivergent. “… and in general as a whole “being the weird one” wanting so badly to escape who you are, until you realize in life it’s okay to be you. It’s fine to say “I’m not fine, I dunno what to do with those feelings of not belonging”.”

The band is also embarking on a lengthy tour of the USA in the coming weeks, the dates of which you can find below.

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