September 16, 2021

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It looks like Oceans Ate Alaska are about to make a major announcement…

Coming off a successful album release (Hikari, which just dropped a few weeks ago), Fearless Records proggy metalcore band Oceans Ate Alaska have proved themselves as one of the fastest rising bands in the music scene. Landing multiple Billboard chart placements in the US is no small thing for a band from England. And it appears the band may be coming back stateside very soon, if recent teasing is any indication.

Every band on the bill (minus OAA) has teased a photo of 4 symbols – and if one picks up on the symbols, they’ll realize it’s likely a lineup of OAA, Invent, Animate, Dayseeker, and Afterlife – certainly a diverse lineup that fans of forward-thinking metalcore and post-hardcore are likely to come out for in droves.

Now we could be wrong about this. But it looks very likely. We’ll let you figure it out from here.

New Fury Media