March 2, 2024

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Oceano announces their first new song in five years, “Mass Produced” set to release on August 16th!

Forming in 2006, Oceano has been a deathcore staple since their 2009 debut album Depths. Their signature sound resonated with metal fans all over the globe. It’s been five years since the release of their last album, and any new music for that matter. Oceano has been mostly silent since the ending portion of 2019, but that hiatus is over. In May, the band revealed a post stating they have returned, and after that, a slew of live show announcements and tours hit Oceano’s fan base. The metal community rejoiced in the fact one of the genre’s juggernauts is becoming active again. Oceano’s last release was all the way in 2017, and they’ve just recently partnered up with Carnifex to release a revision of ‘Lie To My Face’. Oceano have finally announced their upcoming song ‘Mass Produced’ is set for an August 16th release date.

Oceano is set to make a return with both new music, and energizing live performances. I’m sure this is only the beginning of what’s to come! Oceano is now on the road with Entheos and Worm Shepherd for their headlining “Awakens” tour!

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