December 8, 2021

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NOM∀DIC’s “Euphoria” is epic, powerful, and July’s best metal album (review)

NOM∀DIC, 2020

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to bring to your attention a metal album that is one of the most important ad masterful of 2020. When I reached out to NOM∀DIC ahead of the original April release date of Euphoria, I only had one song to go off of, but was smitten with what I heard. After COVID hit, the band did something no other did for their delay: they released a single off the record every two weeks ahead of this July 10th release. Each with their own artwork and vibe, this ingenious method helped me grow to adore Euphoria ahead of its eventual release.

The range of NOM∀DIC is absolutely unreal. You can hear influence of several other metal bands, such as Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, and even Deafheaven, but as a cohesive ensemble, NOM∀DIC crafts their own unique brand in such a fascinating, enjoyable presentation that had me replaying singles time and time again.

Honestly, the band has it all. Vocalist James Lewis has a distinct, crushing style; his collaboration with instrumentalists Nic Zayas, Riley McIlwaine, and Chris Pinero are all just as worthy of note, as the blistering guitars, massive bass, and break-neck drumming is stellar. Songs on Euphoria are long, but never drawn-out or boring. They are technically-impressive and contain exceptionally-meaningful lyricism delivered in a devastating, profound outlet through Lewis’ voice.

Each song off Euphoria is deserving of note. My personal favorite, “I Would Get Lost in You Forever If You’d Let Me,” unleashes a whirlwind double-bass/fast strumming intro, accompanied by a verse riff that is a divine listen. “Dysmorphia (I’m So Sorry)” has resonated with fans for its lyrical depiction of being unhappy in one’s body, a struggle so many face that goes unaddressed, but is tackled emphatically in this track. “You’re Making a Joke With Your Friends and Suddenly You Realize You’re Going to Die” features Courtney LaPlante in an amazing unclean run that caught me off-guard.

Atop NOM∀DIC’s insane musical talent is each of the singles’ artwork and videos, which are absolute eye candy. The subtle noose in “You’re Making a Joke,” the vibrant colors in “The Last 3 Months…,” the hue of pink in “Legacy,” I could go on and on. Adding characterization to each of these songs makes each of them stand out, ensuring no filler is present in Euphoria.

I really just don’t have anything bad to say about this project. Euphoria is a home run, and something I’m going to be listening to for years to come, as I get to absorb more lyrical intricacies with each listen. I sincerely hope this doesn’t get buried under the other awesome releases of 2020, as there’s so many, but NOM∀DIC’s Euphoria is at the top of my list for the time being. It’s a must-listen for metal fans of all genres, looking for something to blow them away, as the band was successful in doing just that for me.

Rating: 10/10

A press copy of Euphoria was provided courtesy of NOM∀DIC.

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