Nik Nocturnal + From Ashes To New’s Danny Case team up for heavy cover of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer”

Does YouTube music personality and musician Nik Nocturnal ever sleep? Between his myriad number of covers (often released right after a band drops them initially) and constant collaboration and reaction videos, we’re guessing the answer is: “not much”. The same can probably be said about the members of From Ashes To New, who are constantly proving that fan engagement and frequent releases (whether brand new tracks, reimagined ones, or similar ideas) are a way to grow your fanbase. In fact, considering the band has been around for just over a decade and have thrive despite a changing music scene, it’s all the more impressive. They’re actually touring with Shinedown and Three Days Grace soon, which is pretty wild.

Anyway, FATN’s Danny Case teamed up with Nik Nocturnal for a heavier version of “One Step Closer”, and now it’s been released to all streaming services. Probably a solid time to do so considering that Linkin Park are continuing to trend worldwide with the impending celebration of the 20th anniversary of their Meteora album, and while “One Step Closer” obviously wasn’t on that record, it’s still solid work either way. In fact, From Ashes To New are a band that 100% embraces their love for LP, so it’s a good match.

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