October 2, 2023

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NFT website mints several musical artists’ discographies without permission

NFT website HitPiece.com has minted a bevy of musicians’ work and is offering them for sale without the permission, or even notification, of said artists.

Musicians became aware of this occurrence thanks to some Twitter users noticing a lot of music on this questionable platform today. For example, New Fury regulars pulses. pointed out that their entire discography was on HitPiece:

Screenshot credit: Matt Burridge of pulses.

Yes, everything from the audio file to the artwork is currently on display.

The homepage of the site shows live auctions for “ownership” of music from the likes of Disney, Star Wars: Rebels, Pokemon, and more. It’s an absurdity, to say the least, and one can less than imagine how sketchy this seems. What’s bizarre is that it seems no matter how popular or not the artist is, their music is present. In the most recent Twitter thread from HitPiece’s account, it’s nothing but artists bemoaning the website’s displaying of their hard work.

Anyone privy with how the vast majority of NFT schemes have played out can only presume this is either a “rug-pull” waiting to happen or, at the very least, a gargantuan violation of copyright. What’s evident is that it’s wrong and I predict the site will be taken down in no time due to these infringements.

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