NFM Horror-palooza 2019 – The Banana Splits Movie (Review)


The Banana Splits Movie is so odd for its release now. Being from a show thats been off the air for quite some time and missing the mark where it could of drawn in from the “Five Nights At Freddy” phase, I’m not too sure where the mark was aimed for this.

In a world where the Baby Splits have endured 50+ shows of air time (vs real life where they had a measly 2 seasons) the show is still going strong. With live tapings with a studio audience and a crowd full of generic trope filled characters the Banana Splits team learns that todays taping will be its last.

Soon the Banana Splits, which are similar to animatronic Chuck E Cheese characters seem to go haywire and begin killing backstage staff and working their way to audience members as well.

We don’t have much to go off of here character wise sadly as our gang of fighters against the splits are all poorly acted generic characters. We have a young diehard fan boy on set during his birthday, a father who is forcing fame on his daughter, a cheating husband, etc.

The only plus side that occasionally the film will give some good gore and kills with it. With a larger budget we could of had a bit more with it though but with what the film has it does a halfway decent job here.

Overall I’m still lost on who this movie was made for exactly. With a franchise no one new knows, a smaller straight to DVD budget mixed with a slow drag through the beginning of the movie and bad acting, this film sadly will get lost in the shuffle of cinema history. This is one to watch on Netflix or such on a rainy day, just don’t go in expecting much.


Score : 4/10

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