December 1, 2023

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The News Can Wait Cover Deftones’ Classic “My Own Summer”

Deftones are easily my favorite band so when a band covers them I go up in arms and put on my super judge hat. I have seen many try and fail but Third String Records band The News Can Wait may have gotten my attention with their cover of this Deftones hit. Coming out originally in 2014 this cover has not gotten the recognition it deserves.

This alternative punk band have an EP coming out soon which will be their debut release. With one single out and this cover they are already catching my ear. The cover stays true to the original sound of the song while adding a little of the bands own vibe to it. The cleans are super crisp and the scream vocals are on point in this cover. In a world where Deftones covers usually crash and burn this is one to check out for sure!

Also check out their debut single and pick up their ep!

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