October 25, 2021

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New York metalcore band Surrender The Hope releases their new song “192020”

Tracing their roots back to 2006, this New York based nu-metalcore band has been around the scene quite some time and they go by Surrender The Hope. The group first released their EP titled ‘Regret One Thing’, and they spent some time establishing themselves inside their scene. Surrender The Hope has just unveiled their vicious new song titled ‘192020’, and man it packs a punch. ‘192020’ comes complete with a music video that fits the atmosphere well. The new song pulls out the signature groove Surrender The Hope established in their sound; The ambient groove is accompanied with the groups high energy vocals. After resurfacing in 2019 the band has steadily been finding their sound, and that continues into ‘192020’. Surrender The Hope released their last single ‘Lucid Dissolution’ in April, and have sense had their eyes set on releasing their upcoming EP. Surrender The Hope takes aim at the rest of 2021 with focused eyes.



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