September 23, 2021

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The New Fury’s ’15 Bands From Florida You Should Know’ (Part 2/5)

There’s almost nothing cooler to me than seeing local bands I grew up watching, make it out of the state, and go on to tour the rest of the country. I specifically wanted to take the time to focus on a couple bands who, while may be established in the state of Florida, have also become legitimate up-and-coming touring bands. All of that, plus a sneak peak at a promising younger band who we believe will be turning heads soon enough, right after the jump.


Band – Rhythm Of Fear
Hometown – Jacksonville, FL
Genre – Thrash/Crossover

Rhythm Of Fear is:

Vocals – Jay Santiago
Rhythm Guitar – Stephen Todd
Lead Guitar – Cody James
Drums – Logan Miano
Bass – Fresh Meat

Q – For anyone who may not be familiar just yet, can you give a brief introduction into Rhythm Of Fear?

A – Rhythm Of Fear is a 5 piece Thrash Metal band based out of Jacksonville, FL and started in 2010. We started with the intention of carrying on the traditional sound of late 80s and early 90s Thrash Metal and Hardcore such as early Slayer and early Prong style of riff writing but with a more occult style of lyrical content.

Q – It’s been roughly thirteen months since you released the debut full length album “Maze Of Confusion”, are there currently any plans on making another full length or EP?

A – We have about 15 to 17 new songs in our pocket, 10 of which have already been demoed out in the studio for the purpose of writing lyrics and making changes before solidifying the tracks for our next record. We plan on possibly releasing a 7″ or 3 song promo featuring 2 new songs and a cover of “Over And Out” by Pantera.

Q – You released a music video for the track ‘Dark Energy’ a month back. Can you talk a bit about the idea that went in behind it?

A – The idea of the music video was to show the process of one mans desire to become young again. A young woman offers herself up for sacrifice while the older gentleman uses the power of the moon to transform. Obviously a fictional theme but fun to shoot like you would a short horror film.



Band – Incited
Hometown – Boynton Beach, FL
Genre – Hardcore

Incited is:

Vocals – Tyler Foss
Guitar – Dean Garcia
Guitar – Daniel Colombo
Drums – Casey Foss
Bass – Huey Leighton

Q – For anyone who may not yet be familiar, can you give an introduction to Incited?

A – Incited started as a side project with me (Tyler) and some of my friends about five years ago. I was touring quite a bit (In my then current band) and we were just looking to do something for fun, and a little more straight forward whenever I was home. We recorded a crappy live demo under the name Violence!, and played a couple local shows around Florida. Surprisingly, we got a much better response than we ever intended or expected, so we decided to take it a little more seriously and polish a few aspects of the band. We took the writing a little more seriously while I moved from bass to vocals, so we changed the name to Incited to match the direction I intended to take the lyrics. Violence! was all about being angry, but Incited was about directing that anger at the things in the world that were causing it to begin with. We wrote and recorded our first EP, ‘Bury Dead Weight’, at Iceman Studios, and we decided to start touring after response from there. Aside from some lineup changes here and there, three records later and we’re still doing our thing with no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Q – The band released the ‘Year Of Filth’ EP back on March 17th, can you tell us a little about it? – Where was it recorded, who did you have on to produce it, lyrical themes etc?

A – ‘Year Of Filth’ is our fourth studio EP, all of which have been tracked, mixed, mastered and produced by our lead guitarist (Daniel Colombo) at his very own Iceman Studios. Dan actually joined the band on our third EP, and was the chief writer of all our guitars for that record and ‘Year Of Filth’. Lyrically, the theme is very clear and concise. I’m disgusted with the current state of affairs with this country. I think our government is run by elitist scum who strive for global dominance and economics. And although I’m patriotic to the true values of the United States of America and it’s constitution, our collective and false allegiance to everything we are force fed to believe by by the manipulative mainstream media, is allowing them to ruin this once great country. We, as people, need to stop being divided by racial tension, and social classifications, and stand up as one for the betterment of our entire society. ‘Year Of Filth’ is about just that. Oppression through deception has gone on long enough.

Q – Are there currently any plans on recording a full length later in the year?

A – ‘Year Of Filth’ was actually suppose to be a full length, but we had some unfortunate personal issues occur during it’s process. So for the sake of remaining an active touring band, we decided to trim it down to an EP so we could drop the release and get back on the road. Touring heavily has been our thing since our first EP, but everyone can expect our first LP by summer 2018. In the meantime, we’re currently on the road pushing ‘Year Of Filth’ , and we’ll be hitting up a city near everyone at some point. Stay tuned….



Band – Sonder Inspired
Hometown – Winter Haven, FL
Genre – Melodic Hardcore

Sonder Inspired is:

Vocals – Angelo Vaglica
Guitar – Nick Garcia
Guitar – Nate Dobbs
Drums – Brandon Jenkins
Bass – Ryan Brown

Q – For anyone who might be unaware just yet, can you give us an introduction to Sonder Inspired?

A – Well, we are a five piece based out of Winter Haven, Florida, but basically have connections all around central Florida. Some have said we could be called experimental melodic hardcore, but I wouldn’t really know what to classify us. All I do know is we’re here to just make a name for ourselves and work on strengthening the local music scene with some high energy performances and genuine music.

Q – The band released their debut ‘Self Titled’ EP back on February 20th, can you tell us a bit about it? – Where did you have it produced? – What are some of the lyrical themes?

A – The EP is such a long story that really didn’t need to be. We became a band about 2-3 years ago and got to work figuring out how we wanted to sound; shot around some influences and what we typically do when writing on our own. After a bit of trial and error we produced ‘Awake’, the first song on the album, and knew we wanted to go for a more ambient, but hard hitting sound. Through a connection of one of the old members, we had a practice spot and a pretty economic recording spot. We then enlisted the efforts of our current guitarist Nate and started cranking out a few tunes. Throughout the process we’ve changed structures of songs entirely and even scrapped a couple, but now we’re pretty confident that we know the direction we’re meant to go. Who actually produced us is our good friend Jake Jones who helped us along the way with tips and motivation on his experiences of being in active bands.

If we’re going to talk lyrical content and inspiration as such, our name kind of explains. Sonder is the realization that every passerby in your life, no matter how big or minuscule their impact has been to you, has lead as detailed and vivid as yours. Filled with experiences you will never comprehend and more so. From the office on the 24th floor that’s still lit, to the people in planes flying somewhere else.

When I write, it’s stories of other people. From my own to other’s perspectives that inspire me to create. Some themes are of my own volition, like personal past loves and the like, while songs like A Day at A Time is based on what others experience on the daily.

Q – Are there currently any plans to release new music later on in the year?

A – See the thing is with plans, they’re hard to fall onto. Sonder Inspired is not going to be stopping ANYTIME soon, but that doesn’t mean we know when what’s gonna be.

We are currently writing new material that is a little bit out of left field when compared to our recent showcase, but we’re confident it’s our best, most creatively open work we’ve made. It’s kind of what to expect with member changes, but the whole band agrees that what’s going to come next will be a real game changer for us. A huge influence in what’s been going on internally is the addition of Nick and Ryan, who really just fit in with the rest of us so seamlessly. Right after the first practice we knew that they were the ones we were missing in SI and I wouldn’t want to even imagine how we would sound without them.

As for this current year, that’s the goal. But knowing what we know now with our experiences writing together and the recording process in general, we understand that producing a polished (yet truthful) product is the most important goal for us.

We all have jobs that require intense devotion of time, but we still have consistent practices and plan on booking more shows to spread the love and music that is Sonder Inspired.

If you haven’t already, check out the EP. Tell us what you think, and be on the lookout for updates from us on Facebook and Instagram.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve been up to.

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