September 28, 2022

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New deathcore band Ticked Off emerges with their brutal debut song ‘Coward’

Emerging from the minds of two talented guys comes a brand-new deathcore project named Ticked Off. The group have just made their brutal debut on Slam Worldwide with their song ‘Coward’. Ticked Off captures the brutality of deathcore, mixed with the groove and rhythm of today’s beatdown subgenre. Ticked Off seeks to create something different with each track they put out, being unpredictable and including some elements from other genres. Before the two formed Ticked Off Skylar knew Dillon for a few years. Skylar approached Dillon with the idea of creating the angriest music possible, and thus Ticked Off was born. Their debut song ‘Coward’ shows they have a vision, and they’re going for it. The song is well produced and written. The variation of vocal styles presented in this track is actually pretty impressive, and gets me excited for more from the band. Ticked Off is currently working on their debut EP ‘Gaslighter’ which is set for a 2022 release. This is only the beginning for Ticked Off.



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