September 23, 2021

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Nevertel release first album in 5 years, “Everything in my Mind”

We at New Fury have been with Tampa, Florida band Nevertel from the start – now, we’re happy to share the news that the band has a huge hit on their side with their new album, Everything in my Mind.

To watch this band grow and grow is a pleasure – the potential is tapped more and more with every new single from the group, and it’s culminating into the long-awaited album, Everything in my Mind.

Featuring several of the band’s recent successful singles, it’s 30 minutes of a competent blend of R&B and post-hardcore that other bands just can’t compare to. Whether it’s the vitriolic vibes of “Back on Me” or the triumphant resolve in “All I Need“, the clear-cut singles of this record shine strong, where the non-singles provide a welcome accompaniment to progress the theme of the album.

Most impressive in watching this release roll out is the band’s DIY ethic. No outside marketers were needed to get the word out – the singles racked up hundreds of thousands of plays thanks to intelligent strategy leading to playlist/song radio placement. I was thrilled to listen to similar artists like Hurtwave and Siamese and seeing Everything in my Mind singles popping up immediately after those tracks concluded. The Facebook ads regularly entered my feed and I’d imagine they’d entice relevant listeners other than a longtime fan like me.

Cheers to Nevertel – us at New Fury are thrilled to watch the band slowly but surely get the widespread recognition they deserve!

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