April 20, 2024

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Nevertel dishes out electric new single, “FEED THE MACHINE”

Tampa, Florida’s Nevertel has made waves since we premiered their first song in 2015. After nearly a decade of consistent releases, evolutions, and adaptations, this group has fine-tuned their formula and have become one of the most exciting independent post-hardcore acts in the scene. 2021’s EVERYTHING IN MY MIND was monumental, collecting millions of streams, and the band sits at 250k monthly listeners on Spotify concurrently. Now, Nevertel has something new for fans: the emphatic song “FEED THE MACHINE”.

“FEED THE MACHINE” showcases Nevertel’s masterful ability to utilize production to make a single pop. It’s a bleak look at the rat-race, material slog we encounter in our everyday lives. Vocalists Jeremy Michael and Raul Lopez did much more than belt on this track, though – Raul produced “FEED THE MACHINE” and Jeremy created the lyric video for the track. Check it out here and let us know your thoughts!

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