Nervous Light blossoms from the dark with powerful new single “A Lotus In The Mud”

“Consume me / Buried what’s left and let it linger.”

Brisbane emo-rock band Nervous Light make a striking return with their latest single, “A Lotus in the Mud”, following a quiet 2023. This track is a sonic and thematic continuation of their debut EP Bury What’s Left Of My Heart In Your Backyard (2022), demonstrating the band’s evolution and commitment to breaking boundaries.

“A Lotus in the Mud” brilliantly melds a range of genre influences while staying rooted in post-hardcore. The track’s eclectic vocals, shimmering riffs, and synth and string-infused chorus create a captivating soundscape. The discordant breakdown adds a powerful punch, showcasing the band’s dynamic composition skills.

Thematically, the song explores guilt, bitterness, dependency on external validation, deep frustration, and emotional corrosion. It charts a journey from darkness to personal growth and rebirth, much like a lotus flower emerging from the mud. This powerful metaphor resonates, making “A Lotus in the Mud” an anthem for those seeking to rise above adversity: “Release me / Let me feel free again, not pulling teeth and pulling strings so I can die with my memories and not my dreams.”

Nervous Light plans to celebrate the release with a series of live shows in Brisbane and Sydney, presenting their audience with the opportunity to experience their high-energy performances at the Burdekin Hotel in Sydney on May 31st and at Greaser in Brisbane on June 22nd. These shows promise to bring the raw emotion and intricate musicianship of “A Lotus in the Mud” to life.

With “A Lotus in the Mud,” Nervous Light proves their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. The track offers a rich, rewarding listening experience that balances nostalgia with modernity, solidifying their place in the contemporary emo and post-hardcore scene.


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