You need to hear Airspoken’s EPIC cover of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself


In a sea of generic note-by-note covers that exist on the internet, Airspoken from Southern California aren’t your typical boy band. They have created an outstanding dark/melodic spin on Justin Bieber‘s track “Love Yourself” off his latest album Purpose. Check out the video below:

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The vibe on this cover is very musical, epic & almost theatrical with its minor key tone. It’s definitely a side of a Justin Bieber track that I never thought I would hear and I’m really impressed with how Airspoken have spun this track.

Airspoken is a Pop Vocal group composed of three individuals: Eli Mayfield, Anthony Vazquez, Justin Bernardez. The group uses intense harmonies, dark vocal melodies and loud musical accompaniment to show everyone that they are “not your typical boyband”. Airspoken is a band who proves that they can take any song and give their own personal twist to it. The band decided to cover “Love Yourself” by pop male artist, Justin Bieber, in an attempt to show their fans the edge that they have all been craving. The band’s cover takes this popular song to a new level with an intense high energy ending with distinct minor harmonies.

The band also has a cover from pop artist Halsey that you can check out at their YouTube Channel, and 2 original songs on their YouTube Vevo channel.

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