December 6, 2023

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Nature Talk venture outside their pop-punk comfort zone on debut EP “Cascade” (Review)

Lots of pop-punk/rock bands tend to come and go in a world where the scene is over saturated with so much of the same sounds instrumentally. But when listening to Cascade, the latest three song EP by up and coming band Nature Talk, we are once reminded that big things can come in small packages.

To start off Cascade, we are greeted with “Fade”, a strong evocative first track that pulls us in with misty post-rock guitar patterns and incisive percussive vigor. “Fade” is a lyrical and vocally-sound gem that is balanced out with instrumental prowess that leads us into our next track.

“Transit” is more energetic instrumentally than that of our first exposure to “Fade” but still retains some of the dreamlike qualities introduced guitar-wise. “Transit” sounds and feels very nostalgic with its summer drenched guitar energy and punchy drums that will leave fans craving more of that feeling long after it’s finished.

”Jet Streams” is the final moment we are left with on Cascade, maintaining the same vibes from the previous track. Keeping in stride with its bright melodic auras and emotional lyrical release this has maintained so well throughout, it’s the perfect way to ease into a close on this EP.

With Nature Talk’s spirited guitar and percussive elements and sun-kissed guitar vignettes that are intertwined here and there, its easy to get lost in Cascade despite the short length of the EP. If they continue this crafty and unique combination, this band is bound to go far within the next few years. If listeners are into bands like Boston Manor, Moving Mountains, and Knuckle Puck, this is definitively something to give a spin.

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