September 27, 2021

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Narrow Head channel the best of 90’s alt-rock on “Stuttering Stanley”

With just one EP, a 2016 full-length, and a handful of singles to their name, one could be forgiven for initially missing the boat on Texas alt-rock band Narrow Head. Fortunately for you, readers, you won’t miss out this time.

The band, who channel the best of alt-rock with a melodic tilt, have teamed up with Holy Roar Records for their first full-length in 4 years. “Stuttering Stanley”, their newest single, flat out rocks. There’s not much more we can possibly say to convince you to listen, but if you’re a fan of bands like Superheaven, Nothing, Teenage Wrist, and/or Modern Color, give this a listen or three.

Vocalist Jacob Duarte states, “Stuttering Stanley is something I was called growing up a few times. Not everyone can keep up with how I talk and what I’m saying. There’s two types of reactions I get when a person hears me stutter for the first time. Sometimes they’ll notice and patiently let me get out my words, and politely not say anything. The other is the person who doesn’t understand what’s happening and chuckles before realising that I have a stutter. It helps me figure out who’s real and who’s not.”

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