MySpace-era post-hardcore band Drop Dead, Gorgeous are back in vogue – they just reunited

During the peak of the MySpace era, there were plenty of bands that gained a quick burst of fame and then carried that momentum for a period of time. It was a time where post-hardcore, metalcore, and pop-punk bands were snapped up by labels simply based on the fact that they were able to gain an audience quickly and also were able to draw fans at their shows. Emerging themselves at a time where Rise Records was starting to gain much attention as one of the bigger independent record labels, Drop Dead, Gorgeous emerged from Colorado as a new post-hardcore name on the scene when they dropped their debut full-length in 2006.

Already featuring one of the more iconic song titles in the scene with their signature song “Dressed For Friend Requests”, they went their separate ways after the release of their third record in 2009, and in the years since their hiatus / breakup, many newer bands have cited them as an important source of inspiration. Considering that at least a couple of those MySpace-era scene bands have reunited in some form recently, why not add Drop Dead, Gorgeous to the list?

It appears that’s now happening, as the band recently started teasing activity in some form on social media. While we don’t exactly know what that will entail, with a reunion show and/or new music being floated as possibilities, the fact is that there’s more than a few people who are excited about a reunion in some fashion.

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