October 25, 2021

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PREMIERE: Symphonic death metal titans Mordant Rapture share “Irreverent Opus”


Mordant Rapture represent a perfectly crafted sonic tapestry of “heavy”. The band is a crushing example of what happens when you collide symphonic death metal and black metal with musicians who are every bit as technically skilled on their respective instruments as they are creative and brutal. Their latest release “Irreverent Opus” is a nearly 11 minute cacophony of sound that will systemically rip out your soul with it’s pummeling riffs and anguished vocals, and then piece you back together with a beautifully crafted B-side orchestral rendition that shows the band is capable of finding sincerity and narrative purpose in even the most vile and brooding musical moments.  We’re proud to share the world premiere of “Irreverent Opus” below, along with an exclusive Spotify playlist curated by the band!

“We began work on the next release immediately after recording our debut EP and in the time since we’ve been able to refine our song structures and lyrical themes to suit the feel of each song” says the band. “‘Irreverent Opus’ is kind of like a modern take on Don Quixote but centered around the moments when anyone can succumb to delusions and blindly act on what they see as a threat to themselves and others. Musically it was an experiment to see how far we can push forward in both directions of technicality and symphonic elements while staying very melodically focused all while conveying a sense of emotion. It was a tall order to say the least and a massive learning experience, but we’re all incredibly proud of the end product. We wanted to create something that could take willing listeners on a journey and truly hope it finds its way into some people’s lives.”

“Irreverent Opus” is out now on The Artisan Era. The vinyl release is a split offering that includes the A/B single plus the bands last 5 track release The Abnegation along with an exclusive merch bundle. A special Spotify playlist curated by the band can be found here.


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