September 24, 2023

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Monument Of A Memory releases “Nightcore” version of their song “Seeking Somewhere”

Monument Of A Memory have been cultivating a fanbase for quite a while now (actually close to a decade). And the results, even in a crowded metalcore scene, are indeed bearing fruit. Last year’s long-awaited debut full-length album Harmony In Absolution, which raised the band’s profile in a big way.

Now pivoting off that release, MOAM are back with a new song, a Nightcore version of their song “Seeking Somewhere”. With how interesting the added electronic influences sound, it’s a wonder why more bands don’t attempt this. Give it a spin below.

“This song has to do with a relationship that has gone bad between two people. The song goes through the thought process from one person’s perspective, wondering if they can ever get back to the way they used to feel about the other person. It’s a battle within the mind of wondering if what they are doing is good for them, or if it’s just wishful thinking.” – Dylan Newhouse

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