December 9, 2021

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Miss May I’s first new album since 2017 is now finished

Metalcore mainstays Miss May I are one of the few bands of their era that are still active. Forming in high school certainly put pressure on the band to succeed early, but both Apologies For The Weak and its follow up, Monument, put the band on the map quickly. Since then, Miss May I have released four more full-length albums, but none since 2017’s solid Shadows Inside. However, it appears MMI fans will be getting a new album from the band soon.

While there’s no release date for it just yet, vocalist Levi Benton confirmed the band’s seventh full-length was “done”, and also alluded to what he does for a living outside of the band in the process. Here’s hoping for a song on the new record that has something to do with flipping houses.

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