November 30, 2021

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Mike Henneberger’s ‘Rock Bottom At The Renaissance’ is essential reading (and listening) for the emo kid in all of us

Last year, Emmy Award-winning producer Mike Henneberger embarked on a new journey with the publication of Rock Bottom at the Renaissance. A musical “mixtape memoir” that relates music with the life experience that one often receives in their adult life, it’s a story you’ll be able to relate to in some way – whether you’ve faced the trials and tribulations of addiction, relationships, or even just if you love emo and alt-rock music you grew up listening to.

It managed to get the attention of Tyler Posey as well, who joined Mike for a candid conversation about the book and the effects it had on his mental health. The clip, which you view below, also contains an unreleased version of Jimmy Eat World’s “23”, from their 2004 album Futures. Posey also narrated the audio version of the book as well.

If this sounds right up your alley, you can purchase the book here, and an audiobook version of it can be found here.

“No matter what [Mike] wanted to do, everything about it was just so captivating to me personally. I was in, no matter what, whether it was an audiobook, whether we do a tv show, I was just stoked.” – Tyler Posey

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