Savage Hands vocalist Mike Garrow talks “The Truth In Your Eyes”, Polaris, and their upcoming tour

Interview: Savage Hands

having released a successful debut EP and signing with Sharptone Records a couple years ago, Savage Hands deliver post-hardcore with huge hooks. Their debut album, The Truth In Your Eyes, drops this Friday – and we were fortunate enough to interview vocalist Mike Garrow from the band as well. Check out our discussion below, and read our review of the record here.

  1. What influenced your new album ‘The Truth in Your Eyes’?

The influence for the album was pretty obvious for us. We try to exploit any negativity in our lives and somehow convert them into a positive. Similar to the saying “looking on the bright side”


  1. How different compared to your previous release ‘Barely Alive’ is this one and how different was the writing process for this one, or did you do it the same way?

As a whole it’s very different. We took the strongest points of that last record and maximized on the effort to make everything have that same energy. Even when slowed down, we worked on making the listener “feel” the emotion of the lyrics. Instead of hearing them as if they were just recited off a piece of paper.

We actually had the pleasure of recording them in my own home, which was awesome in some ways and not so awesome in others. There was no escape for me, as I live here so I never got a break. By the time it was over I was ready to be alone because day in and day out, there was at least 8 people here and I’m not used to living that way.

  1. If you guys were to tour, who would be your ideal band to go out on tour with, and why?

As of recently we have been touring with some great acts. Most were heavier than us, so it was interesting to see their crowds vibe with what we have to offer. We would love to tour with some of our other favourites, heavy or not e.g. UnderOath, sleeping with sirens, emarosa, slaves and holding absence.

  1. Who are you guys listening to at the moment?

We’ve been listening to a lot of different things. I myself have been listening to a lot of Polaris, holding absence, old saosin and the used. I’ve been gearing up for tour and all these bands vocalists do it so well, so it inspires me to be on my toes!

  1. Do you have any upcoming tours in the near future, here in the UK you have a pretty big following so would be great to finally check you out?

As previously said, we do a have a full US tour coming up supporting While She Sleeps and He is Legend. Unfortunately we haven’t had anything dialed in the books yet for international touring. We are literally waiting for the day though. Super keen on it actually. 

  1. Where did the band’s name originate from?

The band name was something thought out and argued over for a very long time. We had written half of the ep at this point, trashed the old band name that had traction to it and sat around bored one night jotting down words on a paper. After a few hours and a few brews.. we finally came up with savage hands. It took about 2 months to really translate what the name actually means to us, but once we realized it was like it was meant to be.

  1. What has been your most memorable show you guys have played?

The most memorable show we have played has to be the last time we were in Dallas TX. It was Wage War, Savage Hands and a few locals. The show sold out and people were going nuts for us. It was as if they were just so stoked and that makes us very excited to go back in a few months.

  1. What’s your favourite venue to play live?

I think I can speak on behalf of the entire band and say that the house of independents in New Jersey is one of the coolest venues we’ve played.

  1. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened on tour?

The most embarrassing thing that has happened is a technical issue with our drummer’s mac book which delayed us so long on stage we could only play 3 songs and he also had to play them wo a metronome. Our guys run digital amps that are all patched into a session through the mac, so you can probably assume this was a pain in the ass and scary for him. But we killed it regardless and plan to give that city a great show this next run around in March 

  1. Do you have any rituals before you go on stage?

I usually do some vocal warm ups and stretching. I like to listen to this little hype up playlist I created which contains an array of different artists that get me hype before I play. I HAVE to lose it before I even get on stage. 

  1. If you were deserted on a desert island, what would you guys bring if you could only bring one item with you?

I would have to bring my dog moose. He’s my best friend.

  1. And lastly do you have any messages you want to tell your current or new fanbase?

Not too much, only that we hope you enjoy The Truth In Your Eyes. We dove pretty deep in every aspect and we’re hoping it translates. For everyone pushing, including New Fury Media, thank you so much.


Dan – The New Fury

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