May 25, 2024

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Microsoft unveils highly-anticipated new system “Xbox Series X”

The 2019 edition of The Game Awards was certainly filled with a plethora of important announcements. The Playstation 5 having their first official game announcement (Godfall)? Check. Bravely Default II being announced for the Switch? Yup! A Fast & Furious game that will bring back some of the main cast from the films? Absolutely.

Few announcements, however, were as anticipated as both Sony and Microsoft unveiling their long-awaited new systems. Especially Xbox, who will be seeing a tactical take on their flagship Gears Of War series later in 2020, their new console is one that everyone is looking forward to. Now it has a name.

The new system, which we’ve learned will launch in the 2020 retail holiday season, was previously known by its codename Project Scarlett. While there’s currently no price for the system itself, we do know that the system will have a Bluetooth-enabled controller that’ll enable it to work for up to 40 hours a charge, which means your Halo and COD sessions will last that much longer. Looking like more of a PC tower than a game console, this certainly isn’t the last time we’ll hear massive waves of hype surrounding the new console.

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