Michigan metalcore band Shallow Truths release their new song “What Bliss”

Michigan metalcore outfit Shallow Truths is one of those new comers to the scene that just comes straight for the throat. Shallow Truths was conceived in 2019 and went on to release their debut album “Alive Again” earlier this year. The Michigan headbangers are back again with their first song since their debut record – Shallow Truth has unveiled their first follow-up to Alive Again and that song is “What Bliss

Shallow Truths have showed true potential in both their sound and their representation of themselves. The Michigan based group tackles an oversaturated genre with a tasteful and unique approach. “What Bliss” continues to drive that metalcore and post-hardcore fusion that Shallow Truths take pride in. The song comes complete with a professional music video that encapsulates “What Bliss” as a whole.


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