September 23, 2021

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Metallica’s video for “Nothing Else Matters” reaches a historic mark – one billion YouTube views

Metallica don’t need much introduction. As arguably the biggest metal band in history, their Black Album – which still sells thousands of copies each week – is also one of the highest-selling albums in music history. While the band is celebrating the album’s 30th anniversary this year (yes, it’s been that long), one of the album’s biggest songs, “Nothing Else Matters”, just reached a huge milestone of its own.

That milestone, you ask? One BILLION views for the music video on Youtube. It’s one of a handful of rock + metal songs to reach the milestone in history, so that’s a pretty big deal. In fact, its closest competitor, “Enter Sandman”, has less than half the views at around 490 million. Not that they needed this milestone to validate their status as legends, but a neat piece of statistical information nonetheless.

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