December 3, 2022

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Metalcore band Worth The Wait enter “Darkmode” on their newest single

Ohio metalcore band Worth The Wait might be a somewhat familiar name if you think hard enough. Having existed for just over a decade, the band worked with the likes of The Plot In You’s Landon Tewers and Saud Ahmed of The Crimson Armada on their earliest material. After an EP and a couple singles, the band was forced to take a hiatus due to, well, life. However, since Worth The Wait reformed and retooled a couple years ago, they’ve been on a tear since – with their newest singles giving them arguably more exposure than they had previously.

Worth The Wait’s newest single, “Darkmode”, is poised to continue that streak. As vocalist Dakota Rose had to say about the single: “I was battling one of the absolute toughest moments of my life. Everyone experiences these moments throughout their lives in different ways. Loss. Realization. They take on different forms through different people and situations. They manipulate your surroundings and your thoughts to convince you that you have become something that you simply are not. They put you in that dark place. They enable your dark mode. And once it’s switched on, you can’t turn it off. Not that you forget to, but you realize how much easier on the eyes your life becomes without being forced to be dimmed down and put out.”

You can stream the new single below. Enjoy!

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