Metalcore band RVNT premieres video for new single, “Sick”

One of the flagship bands signed to Theoria Records, Virginia metalcore band RVNT are one of the more experienced acts on the label. The band, who are also playing Blue Ridge Rock Festival in September, will have a new single to support as well – and while it officially drops tomorrow on all DSPs, we’re excited to bring you a “Sick” new song a day early. A solid introduction to the band, “Sick” is an angry track that is just as heavy as you’d probably think. Don’t believe us? Spin it below for proof.

About the song, Rick Gillis had this to say:

“We wrote the lyrics to this song not long after the situation with COVID struck. Pissed off, angry, feeling like you’ve been defeated, tired of the haters, the fakes, the shit talkers etc…. “Sick” is an anthem about the point at which you’re fed up and you’re not gonna lay down to the bullshit anymore and we feel like everyone can vibe with that.”

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