February 25, 2024

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Show Review: Megadeth/Fear Factory/Nonpoint



We arrived at the House Of Blues in downtown Disney earlier than expected for the Megadeth concert that was going on that night, it had been almost two years since I saw Megadeth headline, so I was more than a little excited to see one of my all time favorite metal bands live again.

I was also excited to see the opening band on the tour, Florida locals Nonpoint. I don’t know how this band does it, this was my fourth time seeing Nonpoint, and they seem to get more energetic and tighter as a band every time. The thing that completely blew me away was the performance given by their frontman Elias Soriano. Time has proven to be on his side, as his vocals and overall performance have improved tenfold since the first time I saw them years ago. The high point of the band’s performance was definitely when they played “There’s Gonna Be A War!”, which is one of my personal favorite songs of theirs, and I had yet to hear it live. Nonpoint have shown no signs of slowing down, I can’t wait to see what’s next in store from these guys.

It had been three and a half years since I saw the industrial metal icons Fear Factory play at the House Of Blues, I was definitely anxious to see what they were going to bring. Fear Factory continued to show they are masters of their technical playing style, guitarist Dino Cazares and drummer Mike Heller were absolutely mindblowing to watch, showcasing serious endurance in their playing. However I honestly wasn’t all that blown away by vocalist Burton Bell, age is starting to show, but he more than kept up with the band. Fear Factory are one of those bands where you know 100% what you’re getting into when you listen too or go see them live, and I think that’s why they’re so respected by the metal community. Fear Factory brought an overall solid performance to the middle of the lineup, and it was definitely a treat getting to see Dino live again.

And now it was finally time for the thrash metal legends, Megadeth. Words can’t describe just how perfect Megadeth’s performance was, everything from the setlist, to the stage setup and the band’s sound, they were completely spot on tonight. My absolute favorite thing about seeing Megadeth live is getting to see the legendary David Ellefson do what he does best, his playing is not only incredibly underrated, it makes my hands hurt just watching him play. Another thing I noticed was how much Chris Broderick improved since I last saw them, it was incredible watching he and Mustaine trade off solos, as they are some of the very best at harmonizing. I’ve always enjoyed seeing this band live, but something was slightly different this time around, they actually seemed like they were having fun on stage. Megadeth have shown no signs of slowing down, and have once again proved they are one of the absolute best in thrash.

Megadeth’s setlist

1)Hanger 18
2)Wake Up Dead
3)In My Darkest Hour
4)Tornado Of Souls
5)Sweating Bullets
6)Set The World Afire
7)A Tout Le Monde
11)Symphony Of Destruction
12)Peace Sells
13)Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

Fear Factory’s setlist

1)The Industrialist
7)Self Bias Resistor

Nonpoint’s setlist

1)Broken Bones
4)International Crisis
6)There’s Gonna Be A War!
7)Bullet With A Name

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