Mascara prove that they’re alternative metal’s next big thing with new EP, ‘HLA-11TF’

Just when you think you’ve discovered almost every shoegaze/post-metal/alternative metal newcomer, France’s Mascara are here to throw you for a loop. Recently signed to Fever LTD. (Chain Gang Of 1974, Heavenward), this is a band with some seriously deserved hype behind them. The band’s previous material, especially their Cameo Blue Estate EP, won them some initial praise – but it’s the band’s forward-thinking mix of shoegaze, alternative metal, grunge, post-metal, and dream pop influences that will win them accolades.

The band’s new two song EP, HLA-11TF, is a sonic evolution for the band. Opening track “Half Light Aftermath” is an intense thrill ride through all of the aforementioned sonic landscapes. Striking a nice balance between heavy riffs and dreamlike vocals, it’s one that will remind you straight away of the underrated Narrow Head. Make no mistake, however, Mascara defies easy categorization, as their sound has a wide-ranging appeal. So much so, that this is a band pretty much every alternative/metal music publication will be hyping up in a few months time. As is pretty standard, we’re here to introduce them to you first, and you won’t be disappointed by what Mascara have to offer. Spoiler alert: it’s plenty.

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