October 20, 2021

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Malnourished unleash new video for “Cataract”

Malnourished is a Phoenix, Arizona death metal band that has been gaining steady traction the past few years. The band managed to win a Battle of the Bands to open the 2019 Summer Slaughter Tour, which saw Cattle Decapitation, Carnifex, and The Faceless play, and also got to open the Chaos & Carnage tour date with Whitechapel, Dying Fetus, and more.

Two weeks ago, the band released their new EP, Avarice. Its opening track, “Cataract”, is a barnstormer and sucks the listener in immediately with its hectic drum fill. What follows is an impressively-long scream and tight instrumentals. With breakdowns and riffs-a-plenty, this is quintessential metal that any fan of the genre will enjoy.

The video, done by Lance Gergar Productions, features shaky shots, an abundance of fire, and ample headbanging. The production value is high and it is evident that there was a lot of effort put into it. Fans of Despised Icon, All Shall Perish, and Suicide Silence will greatly enjoy Malnourished!

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