March 1, 2024

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Make Your Voices Known – Vote In Our June Readers Poll


It’s almost summertime! You know what that means – getting your skin burnt off during Warped Tour, not going to school, and generally being awesome.

This summer will also be the release dates for glorious albums from your favorite bands. With that said – who do you think deserves to be recognized for their hard work? Who’s put out a great EP or full-length this year that’s flying under the radar? What bands or musicians have a highly anticipated release that needs to be checked out by everyone? Check out the rules after the jump – make your opinion known.

Here are the rules/guidelines:

*Band must have at least one EP release, preferably more.
*Size of the band doesn’t matter. Facebook likes are irrelevant. However…
*Band should be actively touring, or getting ready to do so. Even tours of their home state work. However…
*Studio projects are great, too. Think Cloudkicker/Xehanort.
*It doesn’t matter if they’re signed or unsigned.
*If they have a strong release from last year, great! But it’s even better if they’ve released one this year, or have a highly anticipated one later in 2014.
*Genre definitely doesn’t matter. There’s just as much room here for pop music as there is for alt-rock/deathcore.
*Please vote for Indulgist. That is all.
*You can vote for up to 5 bands.
*Poll goes until 5/30/14.

The top 10 bands will be announced June 1st – and they’ll be featured in a special section on TNF for the whole month.

What are you waiting for? Tell your friends!

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