December 2, 2023

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Major Moment releases new live EP, ‘Live In Danville’

Boston’s Major Moment have certainly been on an upwardly trending path the last few years. An interesting blend of hard rock and alternative metal influences, it’s difficult to pin down just how to describe Major Moment’s sound, but the best descriptor we can find is “cinematic”.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Major Moment had arguably the biggest year in their history last year when they played Blue Ridge Rock Fest. To say Major Moment were among some of the biggest rock and metal bands of all time is an understatement. In fact, the event was so successful in introducing Major Moment to new audiences that they decided to record their set for your listening pleasure.

While Major Moment haven’t released any new music so far this year, there’s certainly more to come soon. And it seems like their Blue Ridge set did a lot for them as far as growth – standout single “Living Your Life Like This” is closing in on 700k streams on Spotify alone. That’s not an insignificant number for a band of their stature.

Interested parties can stream the live EP at this location.

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