October 1, 2022

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Losing My Mind: Prison’s new EP is revitalizing nu-metal

Given the end (well, hiatus) of his previous extreme metal project Dark Sermon, vocalist Johnny Crowder knows a thing or two about the music industry. This is a guy who’s harnessed his craft locally, yet knows how to deliver a great performance every single night. And most notably, he’s overcome issues with mental health too – so it should be no surprised that he’s fronting Prison, a band that certainly veers toward the more nu-metal/metalcore side of the musical spectrum.

On the band’s new EP N.G.R.I., Prison has very little melody to be found. In its place is a bit more…insanity? That’s a fairly good word to describe it. If anything, the entire EP is a frantic view inside the “prison” of someone suffering from anxiety, the mental illnesses we can’t see or describe terribly well. NGRI, in a way, appears to be an audible form of mental catharsis for those who are suffering. It’s all presented in an exciting way, though.

For a completely independent band, Prison are already off to a hot start – and buoyed by a powerful lead single in “The Knife And The Dying Dream”, one can expect this project to take off rather quickly. Your mind can be a “prison”. But maybe, just maybe, Prison is your antidote.

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