Lorna Shore show no signs of slowing down with their new EP ‘…And I Return To Nothingness’

New Jersey is home to a lot of things, and one of those things is Lorna Shore. Lorna Shore has been taking the metal community by storm in bigger and bigger waves with each passing year. The metal juggernauts have came a long way since their inception in 2008, and the release of their debut ‘Bone Kingdom’. Lorna Shore has just unveiled their brand new three track EP featuring their single ‘To The Hellfire’ and their new vocalist Will Ramos. The EP was released under the legendary Century Media Records and fans are loving it.  Lorna Shore really takes their sound from their last album ‘Immortal’ and turns the notch up to a hundred. The new EP is three full tracks of pure exorcist metal. Lorna Shore tapped into their black and extreme metal influences heavily for this EP, and this shows heavily in the title track. The results gave us one of the darkest releases from Lorna Shore. Lorna Shore was reborn with this EP, and we’re excited to see what the band does from here. Lorna Shore just released a brand new music video for the song ‘…And I Return To Nothingness’ which was written, shot & directed By Joey Durango while being produced By Durango Films.


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