April 24, 2024

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Lorna Shore release new album details, PSALMS due out 6/9/15

Lorna Shore, a five-piece deathcore act from New Jersey gave details about their new album, Psalms, set to release June 9th, 2015. All they’ve given us so far is a track list and album artwork, promising pre-orders to come out soon. The track-list goes as follows:

1. Grimoire
2. Harvest Realms
3. Throne of Worms
4. White Noise
5. From The Pale Mist
6. Infernal Haunting
7. Death Gowns
8. Wretching in Torment
9. Traces of Supremacy
10. Eternally Oblivion

After 3 great EP’s, Lorna Shore finally have taken the time to create a debut full-length album. Over the years, they’ve grown and found their unique sound in deathcore, and this release due out in June is highly anticipated for us here at The New Fury. Deathcore is not dead, and 2015 has proved that already with great releases from Oceano and The Last Ten Seconds of Life. Put a mark in your calendar, this album will not disappoint.

I’m expecting that pre-orders will be released in the next few weeks, and with that a new single as well. Going over the track-list, I’d love to hear what “Death Gowns”  or “Wretching in Torment” sounds like. What would you like to hear as the first single release? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes peeled for when it comes out.



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