May 24, 2022

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Lorna Shore have finished recording their fourth full-length album

Earlier this year, Lorna Shore became one of 2021’s most-talked about bands in the extreme metal scene. While the band had been definitely on the rise with their last couple albums seeing continued success, it was the release of the single “To The Hellfire” and their new EP that earned the band massive success – especially of the viral sort.

The band has been hard at work on their upcoming fourth full-length album since then, working with producer Josh Schroeder yet again. And now, it appears we might have a timeline of when the band is releasing said album, too.

According to the band’s social media accounts, their upcoming fourth full-length is now done. You can likely lock in a 2022 release for it, with a new single out in a couple months, perhaps? Time will tell, surely. In the meantime, you can always bet the maximum amount on the band’s new full-length being a good one.

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