Linkin Park’s new Meteora-era track “Lost” is already tearing up radio and streaming charts across the globe

Linkin Park, like music in general, is catharsis for anyone willing to listen. The rollout for the band’s upcoming 20th anniversary celebration of Meteora is as ludicrous as the one they did for Hybrid Theory, with lots of DVD footage and unreleased // demo tracks that will make even the most casual fan blush.

Of course, nothing Linkin Park does is ever casual. Case in point, the neat video for “Lost”, a single culled from the sessions for Meteora that didn’t make the album. A poppier single that’s more similar (thematically, anyway) to “Numb”, it’s already racked up 13.8 million streams on Spotify, the video has well over 10 million YouTube views, and they continue to honor the legacy of the late Chester Bennington by making sure any material they release isn’t a cash grab of any sort. It’s not like they have any legacy left to secure, anyway.

What is also clear, though, is the fact that the song is tearing up radio and streaming charts as a whole. The song actually debuted at #1 globally on Spotify, is already in the top 10 most-played songs at alternative and rock radio, and is generally getting a huge worldwide reception as a whole. Proof that songs (and bands) like this resonate through generations.

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